September 6, 2012

FREE - $5 MP3 at Amazon for signing up for Scott Shared Values

Right now you can get a free $5 MP3 credit at by signing up for Scott Shared Values.

Sign up here : 

Scott Amazon Offer

You don't have to buy anything, just sign up for an account.   They ask for email address but don't require mailing address so they won't mail you junk, but you may get email.  At one point during the signup they talk about getting coupons for Scott products, and there is a smaller and less noticable link to skip that and go to the Amazon deal.  I skipped the coupons myself but if you want the coupons then I assume the Amazon deal is after that at some point.   So if you get to a point that appears they are just trying to give you Scott coupons then look closer and you should see the Amazon link.

The Amazon credit lasts until 1/31/2013.   I'm not sure how long the Scott offer lasts though.

I saw this deal on

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