June 5, 2012

My Equifax Free Credit Report FAIL

Unfortunately for some time now I haven't been able to get my free Equifax online credit report. (see my older article  Step by Step guide to Get Your Free Annual Credit Report for details on getting your credit reports)   Every time I try to access my Equifax report from the AnnualcreditReport.com website I get a message saying its not available online.

I was extra careful to double check all the security questions this time to make sure I didn't answer something incorrectly.   I must be locked out for some reason.   I'm guessing I probably goofed up the one of the security questions at some point and they locked me out, but thats just a theory.

I should mail in the info they request to get the report but its a bit of a hassle compared to simply doing it online.   There is a chance that someone else tried to meddle with my credit or log into the system using my name.  But I doubt that is the case here. I haven't seen any problems in my other reports and I just got my Experian report and everything was fine there.



  1. Same problem here. Thing is, I tried a credit monitoring a few months ago and there was no problem getting all three. Now I NEED the report, and Equifax is trying to tell me I should BUY my legally-entitled FREE report.

  2. Same here except Equifax and Experian both failed for my free report and Credit Karma says I have no credit file. Calling the automated system says I have no free files left and they will be happy to bill me $12 for my FREE report. Of course you cant actually talk to anyone to see what the issue is...


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