July 16, 2010

Ebates cash back total $59.35

I've been using Ebates since the end of 2008 so its over 1.5 years now.    I've accumulated $59.35 in cash back rebates by using Ebates in that time.  

Almost all of my spending has been on travel sites.   I have cash back from Orbitz, Priceline, Hotwire, Hotels.com and Holiday Inn.   In total I spent just under $2,300 and the cash back of $59.35 amounts to about a 2.6% rebate.    The $2300 was from several hotel stays, airfare and rental car purchases over a year and a half.  

I've gotten cash back on 10 separate purchases.  I figure it takes maybe 20-30 seconds to go to the Ebates website and find a merchant.   Even if I'm slower and take 1 minute then this amounts to about 10 minutes total work to get $59.35.   Thats pretty hard to beat.

Ebates only works with online sales though and I dont' buy a ton of stuff online actually.   For me it works great for my travel purchases since those are almost entirely made online.

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