October 29, 2008

Follow up on Netflix plan change

Back in June I evaluated my Netflix usage and I decided that I could cut back the number of DVDS on my plan. Originally I was on the 3 at a time plan which cost $17 per month. I then switched to the 2 at a time plan for $14 a month.

Its been 4 months since we switched. I can say that the 2 at a time plan is working just fine for us and I haven't missed the 3rd movie at all. So that was $3 a month that we saved with no more effort or cost than simply taking the time to downgrade the plan.

If you are using a monthly service with various plan levels then it is a good idea to periodically evaluate your usage and make sure you aren't paying for service you don't use. Cell phone plans would be a good item to evaluate in this way.

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